The Growing Reach of 3d-Printing: 3D Devices We Use Everyday

I’m not going to lie – before landing an internship with a technology blog back in June 2011, I didn’t have the slightest clue about how much technology actually impacted my life. I mean, of course I couldn’t live without my cell phone or Marvin II (my computer), but my expertise was very surface level. I just assumed men and women still built gadgets in the factory (ya know, Santa’s little helpers type of ordeal).

Needless to say, until 6 months ago, my knowledge of 3d-printing was limited. The first thing that popped into my head was 3D printing?  Does this have anything to do with 3D glasses? My world shifted, and my love for technology grew even deeper.

So, to start off my first blog post, why not introduce some of today’s savviest gadgets built by 3D printers, why we need them and how these items are so essential to our everyday lives.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Henry Ford was famous for the first automotive vehicle ever produced. His creation, without saying, is used every day. Well, decades later consumers are getting pretty tired of the gas prices and hybrid cars are becoming the new “trend”. Leave it up to Urbee to set the next milestone in history.


The Ambitious Urbee

Urbee is the first hybrid car created from 3D technology. Scary, right? Well, not exactly. The “inexpensive, easy to drive” and “easy to fix” car is environmentally sustainable and saves a pretty penny on gas. With 100 mpg in the city and 200 mpg on the highway, you can bet that these rising prices will be last on your list of financial worries

 Amputees Have More Prosthetic Options

Although Captain Hook was a fictitious character, his makeshift artificial “hand” used to be a reality back in the 18th century. Today, the Tissue Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo Hospital and venture company Next 21 are working together to create artificial bones via 3D printers.

For humans who have suffered from traumatic injuries, facial reconstructive surgery is now a possibility by combining the power of X-rays and CT scanners. Check out the full story here from 2007. However, they are not the only ones creating opportunities for our society.

Prosthetic surgery has evolved over the years, especially for military surgeons whose veteran and injured soldiers are in need of limbs. Without 3D technology, these options would just as rare as finding a type O Negative blood donor.

What Time Is It?

If you don’t have a cell phone (which is unheard of these days), why not purchase a watch? Curve Creative has created the Nanolet Small watch for runners and Nano lovers. You can listen to your music, podcasts from your favorite shows and even give someone the time. Even better, it’s only $22.71 – more bang for your buck!

Other ways 3D printers are making major moves in society includes the reconstruction of crime scenes, art, manufactured parts, hearing aids, home décor, and for you ladies, jewelry. Although 3D printing has been around for some time, its endless possibilities are increasing dramatically in our society. Not only are 3D printers helping to save lives and uncover crimes, but it is also creating fun gadgets for the technology lovers.

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